ACO Company, Ltd.
Vibration meter, vibration level meter, sound level meter.
DSP Co., Ltd.
Sand pumps for gathering sand from sea and river bed, mobile conveyor, desalinizing (desalting seabed sand (motor-driven drum type and oscillating screen type) facilities and plant.
HANJIN Pump Co., Ltd.
The leader in manufacturing top-quality submersible motor pumps in Korea, and well-known worldwide as the most cost-performance pump manufacturer.

HANJIN produces various kinds of submersible motor pumps.

- Submersible sand and slurry dredging and transferring pumps,
- General, high-head and heavy duty dewatering pumps,
- Sewage and wastewater treatment pumps,
- Jetrator, wheel washing pumps for commercial vehicles and etc.
KOBUNSHI Keiki Co., Ltd. (ASKER)
Asker brand hardness tester for rubber & plastics.
KOMYO Rikagaku Kogyo K.K.
Kitagawa brand gas detector tube & gas monitor.
NS Machine-Tools
Machining center, cnc milling machine, horizontal and vertical milling machines, production lathe.
SAM DUK Trading Company
General suppliers of machine-tools, submersible sand, slurry, sludge, sewage, dewatering, cutter, wastewater, axial & mixed flow pumps, agitator, aerator, scum skimmer pump and industrial machinery and products.
Portable Digital Microscope. "Touch & View". Microscopic images are easily obtainable. Microscope and Digital Camera in one and usable as Digital Camera without changing the micro-macro lens.
SHINSHIN Pump Mfg. Company
Manufacturer of submersible motor pumps for drainage, sewage & wastewater treatment, slurry transfer, axial flow propeller and mixed flow pumps for storm water control, submersible aerators and scum skimmer pumps.
SHOWA Sokki Corp.
Measuring vibration, vibrometer and shock meter.
Incremental & absolute rotary encoder manual pulse generator and track ball.

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